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Post: Pulling Babies

Posted by Becky on 2/17/06

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    I have another question. I read that lovebirds feed their
    babies on their backs the first few days after hatching.
    But I had a friend tell me that I could pull the babies
    sooner then 10 days for handfeeding. I do not want to deal
    with feeding them if they have to be feed on their backs.

    Does anyone have a schedule for feeding that they could
    share with me? I pulled 2 babies yesterday because the
    last of 6 eggs hatched and I was afraid it would be too
    much for mom and dad. I am feeding them 5 times during the
    day stating at 7 and ending at 11. I do not know when to
    cut back. Is it the same as tiels? I have handfed 2
    clutches of tiels now and all went fine.

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