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Re: Pulling Babies

Posted by Becky on 2/18/06
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    Thanks that is helpful, I didn't know and I don't want more
    work then needed. I did pull the two because of the work on
    the parents with 6 to feed, I don't want to work them so hard
    but I was not planning on handfeeding them until they were 10 -
    14 days old. I let the parents raise the first batch and they
    are all biters and we are working on taming then but that is
    time consuming just so they can go to new homes. I like to be
    able to play with them and have fun with them until they are
    sold. I don't want others to deal with the biting because they
    may not keep them if they are biters and I want them to be fun
    for their new people. That way the birds are more likely to be
    treated better. This is a hobby and I want to enjoy it.

    On 2/17/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 2/17/06, Becky wrote:
    >> I have another question. I read that lovebirds feed their
    >> babies on their backs the first few days after hatching.
    >> But I had a friend tell me that I could pull the babies
    >> sooner then 10 days for handfeeding. I do not want to deal
    >> with feeding them if they have to be feed on their backs.
    >> Does anyone have a schedule for feeding that they could
    >> share with me? I pulled 2 babies yesterday because the
    >> last of 6 eggs hatched and I was afraid it would be too
    >> much for mom and dad. I am feeding them 5 times during the
    >> day stating at 7 and ending at 11. I do not know when to
    >> cut back. Is it the same as tiels? I have handfed 2
    >> clutches of tiels now and all went fine.
    > My first comment would be "why would you want to pull them
    > soon?"
    > Even if you pulled the oldest two at two weeks, that would
    > lighten the load on the parents.
    > I pull in multiples of two when I have a clutch of six or
    > more.
    > The babies benefit from the food that the parents provide
    > pulling sooner does nothing to make them any better or more
    > tame as pets.
    > The only time I can see to pull sooner is if there are
    > problems with the birds or the parents are not doing a good
    > job with the feeding.
    > Michael L