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Posted by Rebecca on 2/18/06
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    If it is animal abuse, why is the black lovebird not fighting
    back? It has stood up for itself before. Besides, it seems to
    be enjoying its feathers being pulled out. They have been
    together for two months now, and this is just starting to
    happen. They are very loving toward one another. Is the peach
    face lovebird helping the black faced lovebird molt? Or could
    it be that the peach face lovebird doesn't like the black
    feathers on the black face lovebirds face all of a sudden? Or
    could it be stress? It does not make since!

    On 2/18/06, KarenH wrote:
    > If this is a real question and not someone trying to stir up
    > crap, then my advice to you is SEPARATE THOSE BIRDS NOW! It's
    > animal abuse to allow one bird to mutilate the other one.
    > Karen
    > On 2/17/06, Rebecca wrote:
    >> Why is my peach faced lovebird plucking the feathers out of
    >> my black faced lovebirds face? And why is my black faced
    >> lovebird seeming to enjoying it?