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Posted by Jessica on 2/19/06
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    If your lovebirds are getting along in every other respect, then
    the likelihood is that this may be breeding behavior. Not all
    lovebirds exhibit the same behavior, and if a breeder has never
    had a pair that does this, they might not recognize it as such.
    Sometimes, a male bird will preen out the feathers on the
    female's head (or vice versa) when they are getting ready to

    It is not advisable to breed peachfaced and black masked
    lovebirds together -- they are different species. If you are
    not intending to breed these birds, I would recommend separating
    them into different cages.

    On 2/18/06, Rebecca wrote:
    > If it is animal abuse, why is the black lovebird not fighting
    > back? It has stood up for itself before. Besides, it seems to
    > be enjoying its feathers being pulled out. They have been
    > together for two months now, and this is just starting to
    > happen. They are very loving toward one another. Is the peach
    > face lovebird helping the black faced lovebird molt? Or could
    > it be that the peach face lovebird doesn't like the black
    > feathers on the black face lovebirds face all of a sudden? Or
    > could it be stress? It does not make since!