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Re: breeding questions

Posted by lovielulan on 2/18/06
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    thanks for the reply Karen...appreciate all the info I can get
    on this subject...since I'm a newbie.

    On 2/18/06, KarenH wrote:
    >> 1. How many clutches a year can lovebirds have?
    > I don't know how many clutches they have a year.
    >> 2. How long should I rest the birds before attempting
    >> another clutch?
    > I put my nestboxes on in September and take them off in
    > I let them have 2-3 clutches.
    >> 3. Best place to get good priced bird cages is?
    > is the place I use. I met them at a
    > bird show in Memphis, TN. They're really nice people.