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Re: Grey baby finally feathered out / Jessica you were right

Posted by tim on 2/25/06
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    On 2/19/06, Jessica wrote:
    > Tim,
    > This is a blue series American silver (aka "dilute"
    > or "American white"). Both of the parent birds must be
    > split to silver in order for you to have produced this
    > baby. I have pictures of babies produced here that are
    > exactly this color. You can e-mail me if you'd like to see
    > them.
    > On 2/18/06, tim wrote:
    >> this is my little grey baby with a light blue on rump and
    >> underside. Tim
    > Just thought i would let everyone know that the breeder of
    the parents of grey baby called me and jessica you were right
    on the money not only are both parent birds split to silver but
    so are the parents of the parents.Cool!!Tim