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Re: parent of violet pied baby

Posted by Michael L on 2/18/06
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    On 2/18/06, tim wrote:
    > This is the hen and this pair are also the parents of my
    > grey baby!!So micheal what would you call him?
    > (the grey?)please help /You too karen thanks tim

    The reason I asked to see the parents was because I don't see
    the "pied" in the baby that you might.
    I would call him a WF medium (if there is a dark factor) blue
    single factor violet/pos split to AC if it is a male. The
    hen is an WF AC, so she would pass on the gene to the male
    As far as the grey baby, I'm not certain as I've not had any
    of those. I think Karen has one now and we discussed this
    not long ago?

    Michael L