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Re: parent of violet pied baby

Posted by MKay on 2/18/06
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    > The reason I asked to see the parents was because I don't
    > the "pied" in the baby that you might.
    > I would call him a WF medium (if there is a dark factor)
    > single factor violet/pos split to AC if it is a male. The
    > hen is an WF AC, so she would pass on the gene to the male
    > offspring.
    > As far as the grey baby, I'm not certain as I've not had any
    > of those. I think Karen has one now and we discussed this
    > not long ago?
    > Michael L

    I was told by someone a while back that it only takes one
    white flight feather to identify a pied lovebird. My dutch
    blue male had one flight feather that was white, on only one
    side. I remember showing the picture on one of these message
    boards, and it was pointed out to me that the white flight was
    a pied trait, even when there are no other color variations.