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Re: parent of violet pied baby

Posted by KarenH on 2/23/06
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    On 2/18/06, tim wrote:
    > This is the hen and this pair are also the parents of my
    > grey baby!!So micheal what would you call him?
    > (the grey?)please help /You too karen thanks tim

    I don't know what that color is called. If anyone finds out,
    let me know too.

    My grey bird's parents are:
    Ma: Whitefaced Australian cinnamon violet.
    Pa: Whitefaced Australian cinnamon.

    Grey bird's mother's parents (her grandparents) are:
    Ma: Dutch blue.
    Pa: Dark violet pied w/DDF. (I'm not sure pa is a violet
    because he's really dark and not very blue either)

    I don't know any history of the grandparents boyond this.

    The grandparents have always thrown violets with SDF and WFACV
    with SDF, always females too. (I kept the first clutch of 4
    females, 2 WFACV and 2 violets, and they're paired up now and
    breeding) They have never thrown a pied. The babies I kept
    have never thrown a pied either.

    I'll have to check the flight feathers of the two violet birds
    I kept back to see if they have any white flights, right now I
    can't remember and it's late at night and they're sleeping.

    But those two violets I kept back have each had two cluches
    and there were no pieds in those clutches either. One is
    paired with another violet and they throw three different
    shades of blue.


    Here's a picture of the grandparents. (mother of gray bird's