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Re: Karen i have a question/Thanks Micheal NP

Posted by tim on 2/20/06
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    On 2/20/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 2/19/06, tim wrote:
    >> I want to know what the parents are of your little wilma?
    >> I'm going to try and set up a pair to throw yellowface.
    >> I forgot is she pied also? Thanks Tim
    > Yellow face is the "orange face" of the blue series birds.
    > In order to produce yellow face, you pair a green orange face
    > with a blue series bird, such as a Ductch Blue. Preferably
    > you want to avoid the WF blue birds. You will need to do
    > this with two, unrelated pairs as when the babies hatch, you
    > will breed these chicks to each other and then you will get
    > your yellow faced birds. In other words, it will take two
    > generations to produce them.
    > Michael L