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Re: Fischers Clutch - Mystery Solved

Posted by Evelyn on 2/21/06
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    I feel really, really, STUPID! I realized what I did when
    another Blue Masked Pair that I have hatched a baby with
    yellow down. I evidently switched eggs and forgot to write
    it down. DUH! (The Blue Masked Pair have infertile eggs,
    but are great parents, so I allow them to raise foster
    babies. To increase my chances at getting the Cobalt Blue
    Masked babies, I fostered 4 of their eggs out...2 with the
    Med Blue Pair and 2 with the Fischers... They had two left,
    but one hatched and died and the other one didn't look as it
    was being fed, so it was given to the Fischers also...)

    So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL

    Mary, the oldest one is looking like it might be slate :)

    On 2/20/06, Evelyn wrote:
    > I have a pair of Fischers Lovebirds that just hatched 3
    > babies of their own. I am letting them foster a baby from
    > my cobalt pair also. The youngest baby has yellow down
    > like all of this pair's previous babies had. The older
    > two have white down? I'm really curious about them.
    > Anyone have any idea what mutation they might be? Dilutes
    > maybe? Thanks!