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Post: FU on the PBFD testing

Posted by MKay on 2/21/06

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    Just a follow-up for those of you who were keeping track,
    or following the thread where Dottie bought lovebirds from
    me that some weeks later were tested and came up "low
    level positive for PBFD"

    My results are in. All birds tested are negative, as
    expected. As the testing facility used had 335 "positive"
    results from 450 tested, it was not hard to imagine that
    the results given to Dottie may have been either tainted
    or inaccurate. Another question that crossed my mind is
    if this (?)vet possibly could profit on subscribing a wide-
    spectrum antibiotic to each of the birds. Can't hurt the
    birds, but can help the business. You may think that's
    awful to think about, but come on now, tell me that you
    haven't heard of that one before? I had a dentist once
    who operated in this manner..

    Anyway, long story short, for those of you who know me and
    were worried, all is as it was, and this myth has been


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