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Re: Just got great news

Posted by KarenH on 2/23/06
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    On 2/23/06, Tim wrote:
    > I just got some good news as you guys know i'm kinda new to
    > the lovebird scene and i dove right in and bought an entire
    > flock without knowing the parentage of any of them and as
    > of late have been getting alot of suprises when the babies
    > hatch.Well i wrote the albs with the band information on
    > some of my birds. Thay wrote me back with one of the
    > breeders of some of my birds (including the pair of the
    > grey baby)im very excited the breeder called me and will
    > look up the info and call me back. Yippee!!!!

    Wow, that is great news! Has the breeder ever have any grey
    babies? If so, what are they called?