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Re: Jessica - Do you know what color this bird is?

Posted by Jessica on 2/24/06
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    What a pretty baby! So pretty. It looks like both the
    parent birds are actually white-faced medium Australian
    cinnamon violets. :) They both carry a dark factor, and
    this baby has two dark factors. One from each of the
    parents. That's why the overall body color is darker than
    your regular Australian cinnamons and the rump is grey.

    This is still a cinnamon baby. You can tell because of the
    genetics of the parents (all their babies have to be
    cinnamons!) and because of the flight feathers. The flights
    are still the cinnamon shading, just darker due to the added
    dark factors.

    Your baby is a slate (or double dark, or mauve) white-faced
    Australian cinnamon.

    Nice photograph!

    On 2/23/06, KarenH wrote:
    > Help, what color is this bird?
    > Ma is a whitefaced Australian cinnamon violet and pa is a
    > whitefaced Australian cinnamon.
    > Thanks.
    > Karen