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Re: Chet Womack ( To Adrian

Posted by Jason Macek on 11/10/07
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    I'm not sure if any of you have kids but my question
    is do you leave food out for your kids to eat all
    they want every day? I have met some kids who that
    is their situation and it's not healthy. What we
    do is put our birds on a scheduled eating habit just
    like I do with my dog, my cat, and my family. We eat
    at different times during the day on a schedule. If it
    so terrible for your parrot to eat this way why is it
    ok for most humans to follow this diet?

    On 8/06/07, Concerned Parrot Caretaker wrote:
    > Save your money. Chet's method is controversial. It involves
    > withholding food from your parrot to make it more willing to
    > work for a food reward. No animal should be denied food in an
    > attempt to get it to behave or to perform tricks.
    > On 8/05/07, Hope wrote:
    > For all those who have ordered these videos, please let me know
    > if the videos work. I am interested in the videos, but I don't
    > want to buy them if they don't work.
    > Hope