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Re: Chet Womack ( To Adrian

Posted by Karen on 11/12/07
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    On 11/10/07, Jason Macek wrote:
    > I'm not sure if any of you have kids but my question
    > is do you leave food out for your kids to eat all
    > they want every day? I have met some kids who that
    > is their situation and it's not healthy. What we
    > do is put our birds on a scheduled eating habit just
    > like I do with my dog, my cat, and my family. We eat
    > at different times during the day on a schedule. If it
    > so terrible for your parrot to eat this way why is it
    > ok for most humans to follow this diet?

    What a joke
    I can get a snack when I need.
    You will see a dogs ribs & know you have gone too far.
    Most people can not judge a birds proper weight.
    Look into the DVD by Good Bird Inc.
    All you need to hold back are the birds most fav. food
    Pine nuts, seeds, what ever junk they crave most.
    I never hold back frt., veg. etc. & keep good pellets at available
    at all times. -no begging for basics-
    You NEVER want the bird so desperate it will sell its self for food!
    I own The Chet DVD set and did not like it.
    The Captive Foriging DVD is also good. It will give you ideas on
    making toys that will keep the bird happy.
    Windy City Parrot sells a DVD by Mechelle Karras on proper cage set
    up and basic bird care.
    The Chet DVD set had nothing I could use.
    Good luck and keep your humanity