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Posted by Samantha on 6/07/07
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    Samantha Wrote:
    Hi, I posted earlier about my hubby sending me the package
    well it got here 2 weeks later and guess what... They didnt
    include the food i am not paying that ammount of money if they
    arnt going to give me the full package me and hubby decided to
    screw them over send the package back got refund hubby sent me
    the free copy we got to keep. I usually would never do this
    but i gave them more than enough time

    On 5/31/07, Samantha wrote:
    > On 2/24/06, Adrian wrote:
    >> They never sent mine and I ordered all the tapes in
    >> july.Never
    >> gave my money back yet either.
    >> Jim
    >> On 2/23/06, Becky wrote:
    >>> I ordered from him in Jan and did not recieve the
    >> program in
    >>> 3 weeks so I emailed the link that starts with questions
    >> on
    >>> the emails he sends. They sent me it out right away then
    >>> this week they sent out another one. So I got two of
    >> them.
    >>> They seem to be unorganized.
    >>> Sammantha wrote:

    >>> I Orderd 2 weeks ago my hubby in the U.S sent it to me. I
    > was really dissapointed when my hubby said it got maild to
    > him and not me. I am in canada a whole week emailing him
    > back and forth i said "If your package is not here by friday
    > i want a full refund and as you promised any book or movie
    > is better than yours to me right now i want double my money
    > back right away." His Reply "Hello we are sorry and one is
    > shipped out it should be on your door friday." I guess they
    > just need a little firm talking. So now my hubby has one and
    > i have one. So one fee bag of food clicker and some extra
    > stuff. I found the training to be good but the delivery
    > suckd.
    >>> On 2/22/06, adrian wrote:
    >>>> Has anyone ever orderd the training video from
    >>>> I ordered it 3 months ago and still
    >> havent
    >>>> recieved it. Ive e-mail Mr. Wolmack 3 times with no
    >>>> reply. The only phone number available leads to an
    >>>> answering machine and ive left 3 messages again with no
    >>>> reply. Im just wondering if anyone els has had trouble
    >>>> with this company.