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Re: Chet Womack ( To Adrian

Posted by Leysa on 8/14/08
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    On 8/06/07, Concerned Parrot Caretaker wrote:
    > Save your money. Chet's method is controversial. It involves
    > withholding food from your parrot to make it more willing to
    > work for a food reward. No animal should be denied food in an
    > attempt to get it to behave or to perform tricks.
    > On 8/05/07, Hope wrote:
    > For all those who have ordered these videos, please let me know
    > if the videos work. I am interested in the videos, but I don't
    > want to buy them if they don't work.
    > Hope
    > If you would understand what he says you would realize Chet isn't
    telling you to starve your bird ! I have been a prof. animal
    trainer for 30+ years and what good trainers know is food is a
    POWERFUL tool to help animals to focus and gain their attention. It
    is just like if you ate and had NO snacks between meals and just
    befor your next meal your a bit hungary, NOT STARVING just a bit
    hungary. Then you get a snack and your meal. Does that sound like
    starvation to you ? If we as people would eat like that we would be
    healthier and not so fat. I hope this helps everyone to understand
    better this method of training.There's ALOT of training ideas out
    there and they all have good and bad in them but, just because you
    don't understand the concept doesn't mean it's bad. This method is
    sound,humane and proven.