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Re: Lovebird 101

Posted by Michael L on 2/25/06
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    On 2/25/06, Michelle wrote:
    > My family rescued 4 lovebirds from an animal auction last
    > week. 2 adults and 2 babies, I am not sure of the ages.
    > I have no idea anything about them. I wish I could have
    > brought all of them home, the conditions were just
    > horrible. Anyway, I am curious what type they are? Also,
    > how will I know when they are weaned and can be taken out
    > from the parents? I have never had a lovebird, we have a
    > Nape and an Eclectus, I never imagines these guys would
    > make more of a mess than the big guys. Any help would be
    > appreciated.
    > [IMG]
    > 042.jpg[/IMG]
    > [IMG]
    > 022.jpg[/IMG]
    > Thank You,
    > Michelle

    Very good of your family to bring these guys home. I do hope
    you have all of them in a quarantine area away from your
    other pet birds.
    If the parents are feeding the babies and you are not going
    to hand feed them, you will be able to tell when they are
    weaned or on their way to being weaned.
    The parent birds should have egg food or other nutritious
    soft foods to help in rearing their babies.
    At about 6 weeks of age you should see the babies picking at
    spray millet and the soft foods that you'll be giving the
    parents. The parents will continue to feed them, but with
    less frequency.
    This is just a brief explanation as to what they need and
    what is to come. Have a look around on the lovebird boards
    and gather some information from the other postings.
    Good luck and congratulations on your new birds.
    Oh, I forgot! The babies are Slate Peachface lovebirds. This
    means that they inherited the double dark factor from the one
    parent and they are blue series birds.

    Michael L