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Re: Lovebird 101, continued

Posted by Michael L on 2/25/06
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    On 2/25/06, Michelle wrote:

    > Michael,
    > I was overwhelmed trying to look at pictures to find out what
    > type they are! Thanks for the response. My first intention
    > was to find them a good home, but my family is enjoying them,
    > and it looks like this will be their forever home anyway!
    > Yes, they are quarentined, I have no clue anything about their
    > history so that was the first thing we did. I am giving the
    > babies seeds from my hands, and cormeal mush that I give to my
    > Eclectus. Mom and Dad also have calcium block and egg food.
    > I was just wondering, since I have no clue weather the adults
    > could be related they shouldnt breed again, will they breed if
    > they have no box, or must they be separated? Thank you for
    > the info.

    How handsome Max and Ruby are!

    If you don't know if they are related, you can certainly not
    allow them to breed again. But that will be very difficult.
    Even without a box, the hen will probably lay eggs on the floor
    of the cage. And since they were fertile this time, there is a
    good chance they will be again.
    I seriously doubt that they are related. It's not common, at
    least for me, to have Dutch Blues and Slates to be hatched from
    the same clutch; not impossible, just unlikely.
    Also, the only lovebirds, in my opinion, that make good pets are
    the hand feds. I really don't find the parent raised birds to be
    easy to tame and they do have "issues" in my opinion.
    So if you are unable to hand feed, you might want to rethink
    allowing them to go to nest again.
    Good luck with them. You did good!

    Michael L