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Re: Lovies eatting their stools

Posted by Elizabeth on 3/19/06
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    Well my best suggestion is to take her for a vet visit for
    some very basic testing. Blood work will tell you alot. If
    that comes back normal some birds tend to pick at their
    poops. Changing the papers daily and a quick clean up when
    any poop builds up on the grates will help stop it some.

    Make sure you are offering toys, some do this when they are
    just wondering what you meant by cockatal extract? my vet
    personally has all of my birds on a pellet base, while it is
    a personal choice and based on how my flock reacts I
    personally only feed 25% - 50% pellet- they are availible
    at all times. Fresh foods are offered during the day - min.
    of 3xs here. Some favorite foods are LIVE foods - sprouts
    top the list. Also if you have a few birds you can pick up
    gerber baby food at the store in flavors that you can not
    make to give to them, smear some on cheerios, whole wheat
    bread, birdie bread etc. MY BIRDS LOVE IT. Esp. some of the
    fruit blends - their #1 fav. is sweet pot. I use some of the
    baby foods to wean baby birds - offers them a nutritious
    food and 1 jar with a clutch goes much farther than anyone
    would think.

    If you have any more ?'s post again, I will revisit in a bit.
    On 2/28/06, Terry wrote:
    > Hi, My female lovie is eatting her stools. Is there
    > something missing from her diet. I feed her cockatiel
    > extract fresh fruits and veggies and I give her yogurt 2
    > times a week. Thanks for all the help
    > Terry