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Post: Fischer's lovie plucking

Posted by Rowena on 3/14/06

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    Hi all,

    Was just given a little Fischer's last night to try and
    help. It has plucked itself bald except for wings and tail,
    and the tail seems to be going next. It's a Petsmart bird
    and the store manager says they've had it under vet care
    for the last 5 months and couldn't find anything. Said it's
    never been left in it's cage alone, always had a buddy.
    They don't know sex or hatch date but think it's under a
    year old. I think with the vet care, we can rule out mites
    or nutritional deficiencies. I've currently got it under a
    heat lamp (not too close!!), a good lovebird mix, and it
    was chirping to Gimp, my one legged two toed parrotlet this
    morning. Asking for any thoughts and/or suggestions with
    this little one. Thanks.

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