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Re: Fischer's lovie plucking

Posted by MKay on 3/15/06
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    On 3/14/06, Rowena wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > Was just given a little Fischer's last night to try and
    > help. It has plucked itself bald except for wings and
    > and the tail seems to be going next. It's a Petsmart bird
    > and the store manager says they've had it under vet care
    > for the last 5 months and couldn't find anything. Said
    > never been left in it's cage alone, always had a buddy.
    > They don't know sex or hatch date but think it's under a
    > year old. I think with the vet care, we can rule out mites
    > or nutritional deficiencies. I've currently got it under
    > heat lamp (not too close!!), a good lovebird mix, and it
    > was chirping to Gimp, my one legged two toed parrotlet
    > morning. Asking for any thoughts and/or suggestions with
    > this little one. Thanks.

    Heat lamp?!?!?!!!!!! I realize the feathers are gone, but
    that is very dangerous, close or not. I hope there is
    plenty of space where the bird can get to the other side of
    the cage if it gets too warm near the lamp?

    Did PetSmart provide you with the vet records? You should
    be made aware of what treatments they have tried, and what
    tests (if any) have been run on the little guy. What have
    they ruled out in the past five months? Did PetSmart give
    you the bird? Do you work there?