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Re: lovebirds wanted

Posted by MKay on 3/31/06
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    On 3/30/06, Tammy wrote:
    > I am looking for proven lovebird pairs. Must be willing to
    > ship or meet me. I live in Nebraska. Willing to pay up to
    > 40 a bird.

    Tammy, please keep in mind the old adage, "you get what you
    pay for." Those folks who take time to discuss, learn, and
    share via this forum are likely taking better care of their
    birds, and not willing to sell them cheap if at all. That
    price is an out-of-nest price, or what you'd expect to pay
    for a newly weaned normal peachfaced lovebird. I'm sure you
    know the value of a lovebird, but a healthy, producing pair
    that will hatch babies that thrive will be worth more than
    $40 / bird.

    If you recieve a response from someone willing to offload
    their pairs at that price, I would hope you'd test them
    thoroughly before allowing them to breed.