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Re: bird diapers

Posted by Mickie on 4/01/06
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    On 4/01/06, donna wrote:
    > thanks for the replies..
    > My lovebirds wings have been clipped but I still wouldn't feel
    > comfortable bringing him outside without him being in
    > something or attached to something. His cage is fairly big and
    > not practical to take outside.
    > he does let me pet him so i figured i would give the bird
    > diaper a try..
    > donna

    Donna, the Petco that I go to has these cute little nylon backpacks
    that look perfect for carrying a lovebird outside. Have you
    thought of those? When I think of the diaper I can't help but
    think of the mess that would get stuck on the poor bird rather
    than on the diaper.