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Re: bird diapers/It gets worse. It's NOT a joke :( :( :(

Posted by Jim on 4/01/06
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    On 4/01/06, donna wrote:
    > no, Jim, it is not a joke.
    > Yes, I can afford another cage; but it is not practical for
    > walks and such.
    > this is where I saw the 'bird diaper'
    > Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=F
    > donna
    I went and had a look donna so believe you really are willing to
    put diapers and a leash on a tiny Lovebird :( :(
    Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!They also sell nappies (diapers) for ducks
    and geese there? As I keep saying "we humans have a lot to answer
    for, for what we do to birds and all animals". I do know there
    is a religious sect. wanting to put nappies on horses and cows
    because they are "rude". Then again what is done in the name of
    religion sometimes makes the mind boggle.
    At least a cow or horse could give the tormentor a good kick
    where the sun don't shine and where it would really hurt, but a
    poor little bird has to endure stupid people!!