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Re: sheeesh/yeah that's what I say

Posted by Jim on 4/01/06
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    On 4/01/06, donna wrote: >
    I do not intend on putting a 'diaper on my bird'. I was
    just looking at safe ways to go outside with my bird....

    ***Your first post donna!Posted by donna on 3/31/06
    I just ordered a bird diaper for my 5 month old little
    lovebird; mainly so I can attach the leash and take him
    out with me. Has anyone had experience with these diapers?
    Oh well apparently it is a perogative of the female gender to
    change her mind but please take care of that little lovebird.
    I could mind my own business I know and sorry to upset you
    but the thought of a tiny bird with a nappy on and poop stuck
    to its feathers and a leash dragging it along the ground
    makes me feel if I do not say anything I am as bad as the
    Your bird had no choice but to accept you as it's protector!
    Good luck to you both.
    It is just after 8 a.m. and I am off surfing for the day as
    Autumn is beautiful.