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Re: sheeesh

Posted by MKay on 4/01/06
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    Donna, there are many people who use FLIGHT SUITS (aka:
    diapers) for their birds. I do not, but I did have someone
    who purchased a baby quaker from me bring it to visit wearing
    a flight suit. They had started when it was very young, and
    the bird didn't seem to mind at all. Friendly little guy--
    goes to everyone and they take it everywhere so the flight
    suit was a good choice for them as they were worried about
    droppings in uninvited places. It prevented any messes here,
    but I still wouldn't use them myself. I feel like even though
    it prevents messes during visits, the droppings will only soil
    the feathers and be uncomfortable for the bird. I cannot
    speak for the parrot, so who really knows if they like it or

    My point is, plenty of people use them. Can't knock you if
    you're going to, but it may be hard to get a 5mo old lovebird
    to accept the garment. Just be aware that if you are causing
    it much stress by trying to get it to wear the thing, it's
    best to nix the idea.

    As far as the leash is concerned, I won't even go there. We

    On 4/01/06, Jim wrote:
    > On 4/01/06, donna wrote: >
    > I do not intend on putting a 'diaper on my bird'. I was
    > just looking at safe ways to go outside with my bird....
    > Peace,
    > donna
    > ***Your first post donna!Posted by donna on 3/31/06
    > I just ordered a bird diaper for my 5 month old little
    > lovebird; mainly so I can attach the leash and take him
    > out with me. Has anyone had experience with these diapers?
    > thanks,
    > donna
    > ..
    > Oh well apparently it is a perogative of the female gender
    > change her mind but please take care of that little lovebird.
    > I could mind my own business I know and sorry to upset you
    > but the thought of a tiny bird with a nappy on and poop
    > to its feathers and a leash dragging it along the ground
    > makes me feel if I do not say anything I am as bad as the
    > perpetrator.
    > Your bird had no choice but to accept you as it's protector!
    > Good luck to you both.
    > It is just after 8 a.m. and I am off surfing for the day as
    > Autumn is beautiful.
    > Jim