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Re: Please do not mutilate birds

Posted by Jim on 4/03/06
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    Makes me feel very sad when people want to hack a birds feathers.
    Sure a light trim if it is necessary but to make a bird bait for
    other birds, and toys to eventually kill to cats and dogs if a
    pet bird is unfortunate enough to get outside,is horrendous as it
    cannot get away if humans decide to mutilate its feathers so it
    cannot fly. Especially ground eaters re Galahs etc. these have no
    chance of survival if they cannot fly at all. It seems strange to
    me how people feel so sorry for handicapped children and people,
    but think nothing of handicapping birds and many other cruel
    things done to animals in the name of "the best thing for them".
    I know what would be the best thing for the perpetrators of these
    acts of cruelty.