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Re: At least we aren't slaughtering them! Alison and Jim

Posted by Fran on 4/03/06
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    > Oh and slaughtering them for being 'pests' like you do in your
    > country of Australia isn't cruel? For those who don't know, it's
    > called 'culling', it's the legal and licensed killing of Cockatoos
    > in Australia because they are bothersome to the people of
    > Australia. They are likened to how some people here feel about
    > pigeons. You call us cruel for trimming the wings? At least we
    > don't kill them like your country does! Get off your high horse,
    > you have no right! Here is one article on culling, but there are
    > plenty more that detail this horror that goes on in Australia.
    > Some species have been so reduced in numbers by this killing, that
    > they may never recover and are rare and close to extinction. And
    > you dare accuse us of mutilating birds. -Alison-

    Alison, very good point, maybe Jim could exert some energy and
    passion into fighting this inhumane practise in his country.