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Re: Alison

Posted by Jim on 4/03/06
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    On 4/03/06, Alison wrote:
    > On 4/03/06, Jim wrote:
    >> Makes me feel very sad when people want to hack a birds feathers.
    >> Sure a light trim if it is necessary but to make a bird bait for
    >> other birds, and toys to eventually kill to cats and dogs if a
    >> pet bird is unfortunate enough to get outside,is horrendous as it
    >> cannot get away if humans decide to mutilate its feathers so it
    >> cannot fly. Especially ground eaters re Galahs etc. these have no
    >> chance of survival if they cannot fly at all. It seems strange to
    >> me how people feel so sorry for handicapped children and people,
    >> but think nothing of handicapping birds and many other cruel
    >> things done to animals in the name of "the best thing for them".
    >> I know what would be the best thing for the perpetrators of these
    >> acts of cruelty.
    >> Jim
    > ____________________________________________________
    > Oh and slaughtering them for being 'pests' like you do in your
    > country of Australia isn't cruel? For those who don't know, it's
    > called 'culling', it's the legal and licensed killing of Cockatoos
    > in Australia because they are bothersome to the people of
    > Australia. They are likened to how some people here feel about
    > pigeons. You call us cruel for trimming the wings? At least we
    > don't kill them like your country does! Get off your high horse,
    > you have no right! Here is one article on culling, but there are
    > plenty more that detail this horror that goes on in Australia.
    > Some species have been so reduced in numbers by this killing, that
    > they may never recover and are rare and close to extinction. And
    > you dare accuse us of mutilating birds. -Alison-
    Firstly I did not accuse any Nation of people. People are people and
    when push comes to shove no one Country is a lot different to
    another. I am in awe of the Bald Eagle but will not go into the near
    extinction of this beautiful creation and the Buffalo and even in
    relation to these, the eventual extinction of the native Indians.
    I mean lets be honest Alison do people in your Country not shoot the
    beautiful Deer just to have a set of antlers over the fire place?
    and Bears? now that is another very sad story.
    I do not wish to be disrespectful to any Country but every Country
    has things which are not right done to animals and people by some,
    but to blanket all people from any Country as perpetrators of these
    acts is unfair anyway.
    People who shoot Galahs and there are hundreds of thousands just in
    the area here which is Victoria covering crops to the event they wipe
    them out!!!!! and Sulphur Crested Cockys.? the paddocks and this is
    where I live are white and the trees white with these but believe me
    it is only with a Special Permit that these are allowed to be shot.
    As far as extinction of Cockys. and Galahs I do not think so, lol and
    that is a good thing but we have millions!!!One Town not too far from
    where I live has been wiped out and that is not just the crops but
    most homes with any wood exposed and bridges and it goes on and on
    because of millions of Corellas. The place looks like a bomb exploded
    Alison if any one of us wants to bring up a web site to tarnish the
    people for bad behaviour for what it does to animals trust me any one
    could "knock your socks off" with what I could show you and you would
    not be happy!! so please do not be so disrespectful to Australians as
    believe me "It could come back to bite you" but I am not going to
    disrespect Americans (you apparently think only American people use
    this bird board when you make a blanket statement.
    I am not going to get into any more nastiness with you as believe me
    it could get VERY nasty - you know as the saying "people who throw
    stones" goes??? The strange thing is I have never said a bird if it
    has to be kept inside should not have a few feathers trimmed but
    abhor the mutilation which goes on by some people.
    Re Guns!! We are only allowed to have a gun with a Special Permit
    (which is not easy to obtain) and the only guns are a .22 rifle and
    a shot gun and No automatics or pump actions so we sure a limited
    compared to other Countries where "anything goes"!!!
    It is around 6.30 a.m. and I am off to Uni. I am sure you will carry
    it further with your nastiness but I much prefer to leave it at that
    because some of the sites I, like you, could bring up are not nice
    and not Australian (I am not saying all Australians are Saints but
    trust me some other Countries and particularly one also has a lot to
    answer for)