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Re: Please do not mutilate birds

Posted by Jim on 4/03/06
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    > Perhaps Jim if you feel so strong about not getting a bird's wings
    > clipped for its personal safety you shouldn't own birds, because
    > technically birds were meant to be outside to roam free and also
    > according to my avian vet natural sunlight is good for birds as long
    > as they arent in it directly. I dont clip my birds wings but they
    > are very well trained and I dont have any ceiling fans, but I do
    > take them outside they love it.
    I would never OWN a bird to keep it in a cage inside a home and never
    allowed to fly!!!!!!!!!!
    I have other things as ornaments (preferably a beautiful blonde) lol
    I have one Galah adopted me who comes inside and goes outside any time
    it wants and will not fly away and this is with no wings clipped at all.
    I have 25 white Cockys. and galahs in two huge averys in conjunction
    with a rescue (I am just helping them to look after injured birds) in
    my back yard. and many of these will get good homes while the others
    injured too badly to be let go, but well enough to enjoy their lives
    will stay. They would all be dead if they had not been rescued. Out of
    here into the beautiful Autumn Day - pity not to go surfing but gotta
    those books lol