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Re: Clipping wings/Lora

Posted by Debby on 4/04/06
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    Lora this statement you made:

    People give
    their pets human emotions and these animals don't have them.

    That is just wrong! Your not going to EVER convience me that my Macaws
    don't have emotions. On no, yes they do. They can feel hurt feelings,
    they can become depressed, and they especially know if Im having a bad
    day, if I cry, they kiss me, etc. They are very smart animals, and
    have the mentality of a 5 year old child. Does a 5 year old child have
    feelings and emotions? They also have good days and bad days just like

    I have been keeping Macaws a long time, I know them well, observe and
    interact with them on a daily basis. I don't know about anyones elses
    pet birds, but mine definately have emotions!!

    These birds are part of my family, sure people call them pets, but
    living with these wonderful birds has taught me so much, and given me
    so much love....I can understand why people call them their kids.

    If these animals have no emotions as you say, then why is it when a
    bird loses its owner, and has to be rehomed, they can be depressed or
    get nasty? If they have no feelings or emotions, it wouldn't bother
    them a bit right?

    Bottom line, THEY DO HAVE FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS, and it sure isn't
    instilled it them by us humans, its there naturally!

    > First things, I am not going to get into a pissing contest with
    > anyone over this issue. I am going to put in my two cents. Anyone
    > who keeps a bird as a pet has every right to do anything to they
    > feel is right for the safety and well being of that pet. And for
    > anyone out there that says you shouldn't clip a birds then I say
    > you shouldn't keep a bird a bird as a pet. I am the owner and
    > provider for my pets and they are just that pets. People give
    > their pets human emotions and these animals don't have them. One
    > of cockatoo will "act" like a baby so I give him some of what I
    > have but its a learned behavior. Humans have been keeping pets
    > (well probaly to help them with hunting etc at first) most likely
    > since we started walking erect and they are just that PETS.
    > Lora