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Re: Clipping wings/Lora

Posted by Terry on 4/04/06
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    On 4/04/06, MKay wrote:
    > Macaws are not the only ones! Lora, you're really missing out. I
    > wonder, what type of birds do you have?

    I agree even though I just recently started having lovebirds, I believe
    they and ever other animal on this planet have feelings. When 2
    lovebirds sit together kissing and preening each other arent they show
    love to each other. Or when you have a single one that has bonded to you
    and they come over and give you kisses or snuggle up isnt that showing
    they love you? Or when you have a mother and a child (animal) doesnt the
    mother do everything in their power to protect the child isnt that love.
    When a human hugs and kisses their child that is a symbol of love why
    cant it be the same for animals?