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Re: Jim

Posted by Alison on 4/04/06
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    Jim, I'm not trying to be disrespectful to Australians at all. I
    actually like Australia very much, I just don't happen to like that one
    aspect called 'culling'. I am addressing you in particular, not all
    Australians because I can't believe that YOU refer to wing clipping as
    cruel mutilation when it is customary in YOUR country to slaughter them
    for being a nuisance yet you don't ever mention being even slightly
    bothered by that little detail. In fact, your post seems to support
    and defend that very activity. Clipping them for safety is not cruel,
    but killing them for doing what comes natural to them while they are in
    THEIR natural environment IS cruel, that is my point. It is not the
    birds (or any other animals) fault that humans have invaded, destroyed
    and abused the animals territories and forced them to coexist with
    blood thirsty humans (that applies to every country in the world in one
    way or another) who have little or no respect for other living
    creatures. As far as trophy hunting, that goes on in every country
    with many various animals being senselessly killed by inadequate people
    who falsely think that killing helpless animals for sport is going to
    make them a man, and that is indeed sickening, but being this is a bird
    board, I was only addressing issues concerning birds, so I'm not quite
    sure why you felt the need to go into all that other stuff in your
    attempt to justify culling. -Alison-