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Re: Clipping wings

Posted by Bob on 7/08/06
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    On 4/03/06, Lora wrote:
    > First things, I am not going to get into a pissing contest with
    > anyone over this issue. I am going to put in my two cents. Anyone
    > who keeps a bird as a pet has every right to do anything to they
    > feel is right for the safety and well being of that pet. And for
    > anyone out there that says you shouldn't clip a birds then I say
    > you shouldn't keep a bird a bird as a pet. I am the owner and
    > provider for my pets and they are just that pets. People give
    > their pets human emotions and these animals don't have them. One
    > of cockatoo will "act" like a baby so I give him some of what I
    > have but its a learned behavior. Humans have been keeping pets
    > (well probaly to help them with hunting etc at first) most likely
    > since we started walking erect and they are just that PETS.
    > Lora

    One experience was enough to show me that wing-clipping is a good idea
    whether you take your lovebird outside or not. My first lovebird,
    Charley, was always on my shoulder. One day, I took the garbage out
    and I forgot that Charley was on my shoulder. His wings were not
    clipped, then. When I realized he was there, I reached to get ahold
    of him (wrong!) and he panicked and flew into a tree. After a
    horrible couple of hours -- I won't go into the details -- I got him
    to fly back to his cage, which I put out on my deck within sight of
    his perch high up in a poplar. (I was just lucky that he was smart
    enough not to fly further away and possibly become lost.)

    Charley is no longer with me, but I have a new bird, Pepper, and I
    keep his wings clipped. I like to take him out to sit with me on the
    patio. Where I live there are hawks, crows, and ravens, and they
    often perch nearby in the tall redwoods. I don't want Pepper to be
    able to fly any further from me than I can quickly run to retrieve
    him. Taking your lovebird outside without either clipping its wings
    or chaining it to you with a "flight suit" is just asking for trouble.