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Re: how can i tell if its a male or female?

Posted by Gail on 4/05/06
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    On 4/05/06, jordan wrote:
    > im trying to figure out what my lovebirds sex is im
    > putting a picture up on a website so please tell me if you
    > can figure it out. i heard the lighter colored ones are
    > females so please take a look?
    I'm not sure about lovebirds, but the best way is to have
    your bird DNA sexed. I got it done for my white fronted
    parrot and found out that even though the breeder has said
    it was a male, she is, in fact, a female. I did the feather
    test, you'll get the results in about a week. Go to the
    Avian Biotec website and you can order the kits.