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Re: Lovies hatched an egg

Posted by KarenH on 4/30/06
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    On 4/21/06, Denise wrote:
    > My lovebird pair laid an egg about a month ago. They sat
    > on the egg and refused to come out of their cage. Which is
    > very unusual they love to fly around the house,and visit
    > my other set of birds. The other day I looked in there and
    > the female lovebird was feeding a baby. Thats all she had
    > was one baby this is her first time is that normal.
    > Thanks Denise

    They aren't going to want to fly around when they have an egg.
    It's instinctual to them to care for their egg.
    I have had a few lay only 1 egg but none were fertile. But
    there really is no set number of eggs. Usually they lay around
    4 but I had one pair who laid 7 eggs and they all hatched.

    Good luck with your little guy.