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Post: Bird eating lovey

Posted by Becky on 4/26/06

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    I have a problem that I don't know the answer to. I
    handfeed a clutch of 5 lovebirds. They have been together
    ever since, they are about 6 months old now. A few days
    ago I got up and came to feed and check on them and one
    was dead with its head eaten. I was just sick and figured
    a mouse must have gotten in the house and into the cage
    somehow so I put them in a cage that could be hung from
    the ceiling. Well today my daughter was checking on their
    water around noon and one of my babies was in the process
    of eating another one. We have put it in another cage by
    itself now, but I want to know if this is normal or if
    there is some sort of a problem here. They are fed fresh
    veggies and seed and pellets. They are checked on 3 times
    a day for their water and problems, and my kids get them
    out to play with them often. I handle them as well as much
    as possible. I want to know what to do with this bird as I
    am afraid to put it in with other birds now and I have
    heard it is not good to keep them alone. Please help.

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