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Re: Lovebird Mutation??

Posted by Peggy on 4/29/06
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    On 4/29/06, MKay wrote:
    > On 4/29/06, Peggy wrote:
    >> I have a gorgeous hand feeding lovebird and as many as I
    >> have had,I have no idea what mutation he is.
    >> His body is white, with slight pale yellow patches on his
    >> wings, gray tail and dark eyes.
    >> Any ideas?
    > Peggy, what mutations are the parents? Check the link below;
    > you should be able to find your baby in there somewhere!
    > Sounds unique.. does it look like the one in the picture at
    > all?
    Hi looks like that, but paler.
    The parents are Australian Cin mom and green/violet/pied dad..
    I also have the grandparents of both and this is the first time
    I've gotten this color from any of them. All have the violet
    gene in them..
    Also in the same clutch at 2 aust/cin and one green pied

    Here is a link to my lovebird photo album..
    3rd page-last four pictures. You can see him.