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Re: Lovebird Mutation/Peggy

Posted by Kel on 4/30/06
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    Your birds are beautiful! I love your site.

    On 4/29/06, Peggy wrote:
    > On 4/29/06, MKay wrote:
    >> On 4/29/06, Peggy wrote:
    >>> I have a gorgeous hand feeding lovebird and as many as I
    >>> have had,I have no idea what mutation he is.
    >>> His body is white, with slight pale yellow patches on his
    >>> wings, gray tail and dark eyes.
    >>> Any ideas?
    >> Peggy, what mutations are the parents? Check the link below;
    >> you should be able to find your baby in there somewhere!
    >> Sounds unique.. does it look like the one in the picture at
    >> all?
    > He looks more like the gray wing white mauve.