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Re: New to Lovebirds

Posted by Wow he talks on 5/07/06
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    It's really unusual that he talks.
    I didn't read the other posts but I'm sure someone already
    told you that tearing and tucking paper in the feathers
    usually indicates a female bird. I do have one male who can
    do it but it was a learned behavior because two years ago,
    when I sexed him using the tear & tuck method, he could not
    do it.

    On 5/04/06, Holly wrote:
    > I have experience with several different types of birds,
    > and about a month ago my Grandmother gave me her one year
    > old Lovebird that she had hand raised. He is really sweet
    > and knows a few words, but he does something I've never
    > seen a bird do before. He chews up paper into small pieces
    > and hides the pieces in the feathers of his wings. Is
    > this common Lovebird behavior, maybe some sort of nesting
    > instict? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!