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Re: Sideways head.../Andie

Posted by Rowena on 5/10/06
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    On 5/10/06, Andie wrote:
    > I'm not sure of the details, but if I remember correctly
    > there's something called Stargazing or Twirling. I would do
    > a search on that and see if she fits the description.
    > Andie

    I thought of that too since I have finches. At the time, her
    symptoms didn't really fit stargazing, but I will go back and
    do some more reading on it. Right off the bat, I think I
    remember that stargazing heads go backwards over the back, but
    being an "old fart" LOL!!, my memory could be faulty.

    Except for the sideways thing, she perches normal, walks mostly
    normal. Even climbs up to her swing.

    Back to more research, always up for more "learnin'".