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Re: Sideways head on blue black masked lovie

Posted by Becky on 5/19/06
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    I am not a breeder but I did have a green and peach love bird
    (until she was stollen) she had a disfunctional eye and I
    honestly don't think she could see out of it but she never
    tilted. She would fly around the house just fine. Interesting
    subject though.

    On 5/11/06, Evelyn wrote:
    > Could she possibly be blind in one eye? I have a Fischer's
    > hen who tilts her head. She is a wonderful mother though!
    > On 5/08/06, Rowena wrote:
    >> Hi all,
    >> Here's a strange one. Just got in a blue blackmasked
    > lovie
    >> female. Her head goes sideways!! Not just now and then,
    >> but all the time. Background history is that she was a
    >> breeder for two years - supposedly his best one. One
    > night
    >> she was fine and sitting her eggs, next morning her head
    > is
    >> going sideways! Her coordination is a bit off but that's
    >> to be expected from a sideways view of the world. She's
    >> eating and drinking fine. She seems to get around her
    > cage
    >> just fine, even flies up to the swing perch. The breeder
    >> retired her when he found that whenever she climbed in and
    >> out of the nest box, she was just clumsy enough to break
    >> her own eggs.
    >> He didn't see her fly into anything, had just had a vet
    >> check on his breeders a month or two prior to this. We're
    >> giving her her permanent home in retirement.
    >> Any ideas anyone? as to what - besides flying into
    >> something - may have caused this? Do lovies get
    >> neurological problems thru genetics? But no matter the
    >> answers, she'll still stay here, unless it turns out to be
    >> an illness that's contagious. Then we have to think of
    > the
    >> rest of the flock in the house. She's really a good
    >> looking bird, the sideways thing just seems to add to her
    >> personality! Rowena