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Re: biting lovebird (again)

Posted by Jane on 5/09/06
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    My lovebird went through a biting "teenager" phase.... just
    had to bear with it, and also, firmly telling her "No
    Biting!" til she learned what it meant. Catch him before/as
    he starts biting. Never yell or slap a bird- it will just
    make them more aggressive/defensive. My Loki is about 4 yrs
    old now, and much better about biting. If I say 'no biting'
    she (mostly) stops right away. She also doesn't bite nearly
    as hard- I think it took her a while to understand her own


    On 5/08/06, bella wrote:
    > I know this has been talked about before, but not sure
    > how to find a past thread.
    > I have a 6 month old peach face lovebird. Very
    > affectionate. will let me pet and rub his head. he sits on
    > my shoulder alot. Is out of his cage most of the day. He
    > hangs out on top of it and plays if I am busy.
    > Anyway he has the biting habit. loves to bite toes and
    > necks and anything. It usually is not a malicious bite but
    > it is annoying and my two boys don't want to hold him
    > anymore because of it.
    > How do I stop the behavior. Tips?
    > Bella