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Re: biting lovebird (again)

Posted by Andie on 5/10/06
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    I have found that the handfed lovebirds are especially fond of
    biting. Remember, hands are what fed them when they were
    little, and they never had their parents to teach them not to
    bite. You have to be their parent and teach them that biting
    is a no no. There are neumerous things you can try. You'll
    just have to try them and figure out what works best for your
    bird. Pinching the beak lightly while saying "NO," time out
    when "No bite" doesn't work. The earthquake method works for
    some. Shake your hand up and down lightly to get the bird off
    balance when it bites while saying "no bite." Make sure you
    include a verbal command with whatever method you do. That way
    it will get to associate the words with the action, and
    eventually you should just have to use the words.

    Some are very persistent though and don't care what method you
    use, they just like to bite (I know, I have one =). The good
    news is they do tend to grow out of it, if not completely then
    for the most part. Be patient and it will pay off. Good luck!