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Re: biting lovebird (again)

Posted by Kim Green on 5/10/06
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    I agree with what Andie wrote. My birds were biting a lot. But
    only when they were little. Now they seem to do it less often.
    They are 7 weeks old. I hope it will get even better.


    On 5/10/06, Andie wrote:
    > I have found that the handfed lovebirds are especially fond of
    > biting. Remember, hands are what fed them when they were
    > little, and they never had their parents to teach them not to
    > bite. You have to be their parent and teach them that biting
    > is a no no. There are neumerous things you can try. You'll
    > just have to try them and figure out what works best for your
    > bird. Pinching the beak lightly while saying "NO," time out
    > when "No bite" doesn't work. The earthquake method works for
    > some. Shake your hand up and down lightly to get the bird off
    > balance when it bites while saying "no bite." Make sure you
    > include a verbal command with whatever method you do. That
    > it will get to associate the words with the action, and
    > eventually you should just have to use the words.
    > Some are very persistent though and don't care what method you
    > use, they just like to bite (I know, I have one =). The good
    > news is they do tend to grow out of it, if not completely then
    > for the most part. Be patient and it will pay off. Good luck!
    > Andie