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Re: Question on what to do with eggs.

Posted by Andie on 5/14/06
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    I would wait a few more days longer to throw them out as you
    don't want the hen to smoosh the 1 chick. The eggs are
    actually helping to protect him from the mother sitting on
    him too tightly. Someone with a bit more experience with
    only having one chick hatch might be able to tell you exactly
    how long to keep them though.


    On 5/14/06, Mickie wrote:
    > Hi, My lovie was sitting on 5 eggs and on the 30th day,
    > May 6th a baby hatched, nothing has happened with the
    > other 4 eggs since then. These eggs have to be bad, do I
    > pulled them out. These lovies have been together for 3
    > years and this is the first time this happens. Any
    > advice? Thanks.