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Re: Question on what to do with eggs./Andie & Mkay

Posted by Mickie on 5/15/06
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    On 5/14/06, MKay wrote:
    > What Andie suggested is exactly what I did when I had one
    > hatch with my first-time-parents some months ago. They may
    > not be finished sitting on the eggs, and as Andie said, the
    > eggs do provide protection for the new hatchling, and warmth
    > when the parents do leave briefly. I wouldn't disrupt the nest
    > just yet, especially if they are first-timers.
    > It's not likely any more would hatch, but unless you kept
    > track of each that was laid and when, you don't know for
    > sure. When the started sitting factors in on the incubation
    > process.
    > Do serve lots of soft foods! Good luck, and let us know how
    > the one baby gets along! ((don't rule out other hatches yet,
    > though~some parents don't sit until the last egg is laid, and
    > you may get a surprise!))
    > On 5/14/06, Andie wrote:
    >> I would wait a few more days longer to throw them out as you
    >> don't want the hen to smoosh the 1 chick. The eggs are
    >> actually helping to protect him from the mother sitting on
    >> him too tightly. Someone with a bit more experience with
    >> only having one chick hatch might be able to tell you
    > exactly
    >> how long to keep them though.
    >> Andie
    >> Thank you Andie and Mkay for your sound advice. The baby is
    nine days old today, he's beautiful, has dark pin feathers
    already, looks like his dad,white face violet (I'm clueless
    about mutations). Like you both said, the eggs are going to stay
    there. The baby anchors his head on them or sprawls on top of
    them. cutest thing I ever saw. Now, I was keeping track of the
    eggs as she laid them. First egg was laid on 4/7 and she laid
    four more like one every other day. I expected the first egg to
    hatch around 4/28 but the first one hatched on 4/30, so I don't
    know if this was egg #1 or #2. The last egg #5 was laid on 4/13,
    so that egg is 32 days old today. I plan to handfeed this baby
    and keep him, I need to know when to pull him out. I would like
    to share the job with mom, not take over feedings 100%.
    The last time I did this to help a friend that had to travel I
    only handfed the babies twice a day, at noon and at six o'clock,
    the mother fed them the other times. That time there were four
    babies and the mother didnt' mind me interfering with her babies
    but this being only one baby, would she mind my taking it out
    and putting him back, could she hurt the baby? Is this plan ok?
    Please comment I need all the advise I could get. Thanks again.


    On 5/14/06, Mickie wrote:
    >>> Hi, My lovie was sitting on 5 eggs and on the 30th day,
    >>> May 6th a baby hatched, nothing has happened with the
    >>> other 4 eggs since then. These eggs have to be bad, do I
    >>> pulled them out. These lovies have been together for 3
    >>> years and this is the first time this happens. Any
    >>> advice? Thanks.