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Re: Question on what to do with eggs./Andie & Mkay

Posted by MKay on 5/15/06
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    I have never handled and then replaced babies, though I do hear
    that many folks will do this. Once my hand goes in, the babies
    come out, and I take over all feedings from that time on. I have,
    with parrotlets who have had 7 babies in the box at once, taken
    the oldest three out with no ill effects for the youngest who stay
    in for the parents to feed a few days more. Sometimes it just
    gets too crowded in there. I've also gone in and cleaned out
    soiled shavings, and replaced them around the babies, doing my
    best not to disturb the babies or eggs left. This I've done with
    quakers, but the lovebirds really don't soil in their box at all
    as far as I have experienced.

    You'll find some folks that will take babies out, handle, and put
    them back for the parents, but I have never risked it. Guess it
    depends how comfortable you are with the situation? Isn't it
    amazing to see them so small, just waiting for those pins to open
    is always the most endearing--guessing the colors and getting a
    surprise many times with unexpected tailfeathers or rumps..

    I have two new baby cockatiels that both hatched today. Eggs are
    laied every other day, just like with the lovies, but they
    probably started sitting on them a couple days later, hence the
    double-hatching today. FAT little buggers! I'm proud--they're
    first time parents; both babies that we kept from other pairs we
    had... but that's left for the tiel board!

    Good luck with your baby! I hope you do see more, but don't be
    discouraged~! Many times, with lovies, it takes a couple clutches
    for them to get their systems balanced and operating perfectly for
    100% live hatches. Keep us posted!

    >>> Thank you Andie and Mkay for your sound advice. The baby is
    > nine days old today, he's beautiful, has dark pin feathers
    > already, looks like his dad,white face violet (I'm clueless
    > about mutations). Like you both said, the eggs are going to stay
    > there. The baby anchors his head on them or sprawls on top of
    > them. cutest thing I ever saw. Now, I was keeping track of the
    > eggs as she laid them. First egg was laid on 4/7 and she laid
    > four more like one every other day. I expected the first egg to
    > hatch around 4/28 but the first one hatched on 4/30, so I don't
    > know if this was egg #1 or #2. The last egg #5 was laid on 4/13,
    > so that egg is 32 days old today. I plan to handfeed this baby
    > and keep him, I need to know when to pull him out. I would like
    > to share the job with mom, not take over feedings 100&37;.
    > The last time I did this to help a friend that had to travel I
    > only handfed the babies twice a day, at noon and at six o'clock,
    > the mother fed them the other times. That time there were four
    > babies and the mother didnt' mind me interfering with her babies
    > but this being only one baby, would she mind my taking it out
    > and putting him back, could she hurt the baby? Is this plan ok?
    > Please comment I need all the advise I could get. Thanks again.
    > Mickie
    > On 5/14/06, Mickie wrote:
    >>>> Hi, My lovie was sitting on 5 eggs and on the 30th day,
    >>>> May 6th a baby hatched, nothing has happened with the
    >>>> other 4 eggs since then. These eggs have to be bad, do I
    >>>> pulled them out. These lovies have been together for 3
    >>>> years and this is the first time this happens. Any
    >>>> advice? Thanks.